Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crack Cocaine Ruling - Nice Call

The Supreme Court today ruled that the sentances of over 20,000 people convicted of crack cocaine related offenses should be reviewed because they are substantially harsher than those convicted of similar offenses involving powdered cocaine.

The issue is whether prosecuters should focus on behavior or chemistry. Prosecutors argue that crack cocaine tends to lead to much more violent criime than powdered cocaine. So prosecute the violent crime!

If someone breaks into my house and robs me at gunpoint, I don't particularly care whether they're using crack or powder or are completely sober. I also don't care if they've targeted me due to my race, color, religion, politics or shoe size. Armed robbery is armed robbery.

If the primary reason for all the money we throw down the black hole of drug law enforcement is due to the other criminal activity it inspires, let's make stiffer penalties for the other criminal activity and eliminate the middle man.

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jasmine said...

In my opinion cocaine is a serious crime. People indulge in this should be severely punished.



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