Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael Vick Sentence Points Out The Real Dangers of Smoking Dope

Michael Vick received 23 months in prison for his participation in the now infamous dog fighting ring. Why the heck would a multi-millionaire, pro football player in the prime of his game, with endorsement deals everywhere, get involved in something so grotesque and stupid? I'm gonna go with, because he's a stoner. This is a guy who couldn't put down the weed long enough to pass drug tests that he knew were coming.

When I was in the service, our First Sergeant would always give us two weeks advance notice of a drug test. His feeling was, he wasn't really interested in nabbing the guy who smokes ocassionally. It's the guys who can't give it up for a couple of weeks, knowing their going to get busted that have the real problem. Vick obviously has a real problem.

You hear all kinds of overblown claims about the dangers of marijuana. These are mostly amusing and do very little to deter use by anyone who knows it's b.s. But the Vick case illustrates a couple of very real dangerous effects of chronic dope smoking. One is the tendency to hang around with idiots, especially if you're the one that always has the dope. People who get stoned every day, lose their sense of good judgment. Everything seems like a great idea, no matter how stupid. If you're smoking right along with them, you get stupid too. This compounds the problem in that you have a bunch of knuckleheads coming up with stupid ideas, and now they sound pretty good to you.

So remember kids, everything in moderation. Otherwise you might end up throwing away a lifetime membership in the "more money than God" club to impress a group of hanger's on with a combined IQ that's less than your shoe size.

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