Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mike Huckabee Christmas Ad, What Really Matters

Mike Huckabee recently started running this ad wishing people a Merry Christmas.
Will it offend non-Christians? The pundits seem to think so.

As a non-Christian I found it to be a very refreshing bit of individual expression of personal conviction. I celebrate the holidays because it's a nice time for a holiday. I don't care what your religion is or how you celebrate. Have a good time. Don't hurt anyone and don't break anything.

My only concern with "religious zealots" in politics is that they may take steps to stifle free speech, freedom or association or freedom of and from religion. I don't get the "zealot" vibe from Huckabee. He seems like a decent human being who happens not to be ashamed or afraid of his religion. I would be much more concerned about this guy if he pretended he wasn't very religious, when I know that he is.

This is not an endorsement of his candidacy. I don't know who I'm going to vote for yet, but in the case of this commercial, I've got to give him kudos.

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