Monday, December 10, 2007

Vaporizer Gun - The Solution for Aging Stoners?

As the children of the sixties grew older, many gave up their passion for Mary Jane. There were a number of reasons: responsibility, the kids, the budget... Some die hards stuck with it however and have developed a new technology that may bring back some of yesterday's stoners... The vaporizer.

A vaporizer is an alternative to smoking. It can be used with herbs, marijuana, even tabacco. It works by rapidly heating the substance without exposing it to flame. The result is that you get the chemical inhalation without all that smoke. It's also allegedly more efficient in that a very small amount is needed at at time, and there's less waste.

This could be ideal for the baby boomer set. Greatly reduced smoke means it's harder for the kiddos to detect (funny how the tables have turned). If it's more economical, it could be easier on the budget. Now if you can only keep from grabbing for the bowl on worknights....and there's that pesky legalization issue.

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