Monday, December 3, 2007

When Can We Pull The Troops Out...Of Korea?

50 years after the truce, we still have 30,000 troops on the border between north and south Korea. What the hell? The plan for Iraq is to train and equip the local police and military so we can turn security over to them. If it's good for Iraq, why not for Korea? Is it possible that after a half century we couldn't train and equip 30,000 Korean soldiers to a level of competency sufficient for them to take over the job. If you're Korean you should be insulted.
Some say the idea is to demonstrate that an attack on South Korea is an attack on America. Couldn't we make the same exact point with 3,000 troops?

We have enough naval capability and intelligence on North Korea to shut that whole operation down in one evening, after dinner, and be done in time to catch Leno. The Korean border deployment has to be the biggest pork barrel project in American history. Time to shut it down.

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