Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brittany Spears Solution - The "CelebriBuddy"

The continued fascination with the antics of Brittany Spears, Lindey Lohan and others is tragic, pathetic and shameful. Young people often go through wild stages, but they usually grow out of it. What's different about celebrities?

Most of us have someone around to tell us when we're doing, or are about to do something stupid. Your wife, co-worker, friend or acquaintace might tell you "Hey, put that cigarette out while your pumping gas." or "Hey, don't put your kid on your lap when you're driving". Many celebrities are surrounded by people who are so afraid of being kept out of the loop, they wont point out the dumb things you do. In fact, most of the "hangers on" are waiting for you to do something outrageous so they can get and sell the picture or the story. They may give you a ride home afterwards, but they wont stop you.

The solution? The CelebriBuddy. Celebrities could hire a professional "nag". Someone who's job is to travel with you and point out when your behavior is inappropriate, dangerous or just plain dumb. This is not the same as a "handler" in that a handler normally is concerned with your public image. A CelebriBuddy would be primarily concerned with your personal growth and welfare. This would also not be a therapist, just someone with common sense and discipline. The employment contract would have to include a clause that states the CelebriBuddy can not profit from public exploitation of the relationship. No books, blogs, TV interviews and such for a specified time period during and after their employment. The CelebriBuddy is not to become a Celebrity.

The toughest part would be convincing the celebrity that the people around them are not their friends and that they need to hire one. They may see this as degrading and sad, but it's reality.

If the managers, parents, friends and family of these celebrity basket cases really want to help them, they need to either treat them like normal human beings or hire someone who can.

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