Friday, January 25, 2008

Clinton, Rezko photo - The fun never ends when you're running with the Clintons

At Monday night's SC debate Hillary chided Barak Obama for having defended the "slumlord Rezko". Rezko has supported Obama's campaign and is now facing a number of criminal charges. Obama has returned about 40K in funds donated by the man.

Today a picture surfaced of Mr. Rezko's smiling face between Bill and Hillary Clinton in what looks to be one of the photos you get to take after making a big contribution or attending a $5,000 a plate hot dog roast. Good stuff.

It's amusing because those of us who remember Bill's reign know they took money from anyone and everyone. They had the best fundraisers in the business. The Clintons don't ask questions. They just deposit checks. What's also amusing is that anyone who thinks this kind of thing will torpedo the Clinton campaign will be severely disappointed.

The Clintons enjoy a strong core of support and run an election winning machine that wouldn't care if a picture surfaced of Bill and Hillary holding dripping bloody knives along with Charles Manson. The only way you beat the Clintons is to turn out more of your voters than they can turn out of theirs. That's not an easy task, as their voters often include people who don't exist or who died decades ago. If you get caught up in attacking the Clintons instead of selling your game plan to your people, you'll be singing the blues on election day.

I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that the Clinton campaign leaked this photo.

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