Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Results

Surprise wins (they surprised me anyway) for McCain and Clinton.

Romney may have hurt himself by trying to connect John McCain to corruption and back door dealing in Washington DC. If you know McCain, even if you don't agree with him on issues, you know he should not be lumped in with corrupt politicians. He's nothing if not honest.

The Hillary victory may have been due to Democrats selecting the candidate they felt had a better chance of winning a general election. It does seem odd though that, while the exit polls on the Republican side were dead on, the exit polls on the Democrat side were off by 6-8 percent. I'm not saying there was any cheating going on, but this is the Clintons.

The Democratic race is down to two. Now we'll see if Obama can stand up to the Clinton machine. The establishment, even the power brokers that fly the "black leader" banner, believes the Clintons are better able to deliver on favors owed. We'll see if that wins out over grass roots enthusiasm.

The Republican race is down to four? Romney has pretty much said that if he loses Michigan, he's through. That's interesting since Guilliani doesn't even plan to start trying until after Michigan. One leading contender may be calling it quits during the contests that another has deemed insignificant. Of course, when Rudy devised his strategy I don't believe he thought McCain and Huckabee would be serious opponents this late in the game. Huckabee is still very much a contender. The religious right loves him and he may sweep the south. It's still a horse race.

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