Friday, January 11, 2008

Republican Debate

Analysis of the South Carolina Debate:

Fred Thompson had an excellent showing. He went directly after Mike Huckabee and made some very good points while doing so. Huckabee didn't do terrible, but I'd have to rate his performance as "adequate" at best, same with Rudy and Mitt. McCain looked strong and really played up the fact that he was pushing for and supported the "Surge" long before it was popular. Ron Paul was Ron Paul. While his view that we should pretty much abandon defending our interests overseas is a total deal-breaker in my eyes, I do wish at least one of the other candidates would acknowledge that he makes some very good points in other areas. He correctly points out that the Republican party used to stand for smaller, less intrusive, less expensive government and has definitely lost its way in those regards in recent years.

I could vote for any of these guys, except Ron Paul. I think a lot of Republicans may feel the same way, and that may hurt some as the vote is split 3 or 4 ways. History says you must win South Carolina if you're going to be the nominee. Rudy and Mitt are abandoning that strategy in favor of other states. Mitt has put all his chips on Michigan, while Rudy is making his stand in Florida.

The most recent polls have it a horse race between Huckabee and McCain in SC. Should be fun to watch.

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