Sunday, January 27, 2008

South Carolina Dem Primary Review

Wow! The Clinton gameplan couldn't have failed more miserably. Obama was shown to be up by 10% in polls leading up to the primary and pulled off a stunning 27% trouncing of Hillary. Even if Hillary had gotten all of Edwards' votes she would have lost by a 10% margin.

The Clinton's blew it on two fronts. First, their efforts to make Obama the "black candidate" backfired. Obama didn't take the bait, and voters didn't respond well to the Clintons trying to put him in that box. Secondly, Hillary is supposed to be among the smartest, strongest women in America. So why does she need Bill to take center stage for her? Her heavy reliance on her husband in this campaign has turned out to be a big negative.

Now the Glenn Beck declarations that you'd have to be a racist to be a Democrat and vote against Obama, actually have merit. Obama and Hillary don't differ substantially on their publicly stated positions on issues, neither has any executive experience, and all other things being equal, there's no denying that Obama is the more appealing candidate. He beats Hillary on the charisma, the energy, the camera presence, the salemanship and the delivery. The only thing Hillary currently beats him on is whiteness.

It's an amazing turn of fortunes for the Clintons and their crew.

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