Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tom Cruise and Scientology

A lot has been made of Tom Cruise and his passion for Scientology. Yeah, I find the religion or whatever they call it, kind of goofy. But I find a lot of religions goofy. What has Tom Cruise actually done to deserve the scorn of the media and the public? As far as I know he hasn't killed anyone or attacked anyone or committed any haneous crime against humanity. He seems like a nice enough guy.

Before you jump on the "bash Cruise" bandwagon think about some of the particulars of your own religion. I wont single any out. There's plenty of silliness in all of them. It often baffles me how grown, intelligent human beings can believe in some of the things they believe, including my best friends and close associates. But, they remain my best friends and close associates because I'm not nearly as concerned with what they believe as with how they behave.

Don't hurt anybody, don't break anything. I don't care what planet, universe or dimension you think your soul came from.

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