Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Conservative temper tantrum - thowing the country under the bus

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and others are so upset that things aren't going their way they've suggested that they'll sit out the election if McCain is nominated or even vote for Hillary.

Some on the right have even said that McCain is just as liberal or more so than Hillary. That's ridiculous. McCain has made some calls I don't like, but he's no socialist by comparison to Obama or Hillary. To suggest that a socialist agenda is preferable to McCain is to suggest a total lack of understanding of economics and the consequences of a sharp turn toward collectivism.

The gameplan on the right is to let the left have their candidate, hope they do poorly and then say "I told you so." It's no different from the Democrats strategy on Iraq. They have been promoting failure because it suits them politically. The talk show host crowd is doing the same with McCain.

Romney has been no champion of individual rights and less government either. The talk show crowd has supported nobody up to now. Their influence is waning because instead of focusing on the primary ideas of individual freedom, less government, low taxes, they've been obsessed with gay marriage, prayer in school and "the war on Christmas". I personally don't care if a gay person fails to pray in school while not celebrating Christmas. I'm much more concerned about the former set of issues. Rush and company may wind up going the way of "the Buchanan Brigade", becoming interesting, but irrelevant.

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