Monday, February 4, 2008

The iShoes, If you liked "It" you've gotta love these

They can move you along as fast as a Seguey (13.5mph) at 1/10th of the cost and a tiny fraction of the size and weight. Best of all, they wont cause anyone to have to “rethink cities”. They’re the iShoes. A motorized pair of shoes with a hand held remote control.

The shoes were created by Ilya Kaganovich, a young inventor and graduate from the University of Minnesota with help from his brother, Boris Kaganovich, an aerospace engineering student. They strap on to your normal shoes and are battery powered. Smaller than a skateboard, the iShoes can be removed and tossed into a case, backpack, or hung up upon arrival at your destination. They weigh about 12 pounds and can be recharged in two hours.

The iShoes use Colson Performa Wheels. From a Colson press release:

“After testing many wheel products, Kaganovich selected the Colson Performa Wheels for their durability in all weather and road conditions. The Performa products are designed with resistance to chemical agents and water, which ensured they could handle the punishment and temperatures of the road as well as its material makeup. The Colson wheels also provide the iShoes a maximum hard-tread surface but with the cushion ride of soft rubber, all in silent-running motion. Available in colors, the Performa line allows flexibility for future iShoes style changes and customization. ...

...Powered by a fully rechargeable, on-board Nano battery, the iShoes have a unique recharging braking technology that further extends the ride.”

Price: $499/pair from

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