Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Elf - Earth Liberation Front - Stupid and Potentially Deadly

Member of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) allegedly are responsible for the torching of several luxury homes near Seattle recently. In defense of the environment they caused immense amounts of toxic smoke, millions of gallons of spent water, dozens of cars and trucks travelling in and out of the area and twice as much material and energy to be spent (the houses will be rebuilt).

You don't have to be MENSA to determine that these people are idiots. However, that does not mean they can be ignored. The potential loss of life is an obvious concern. Their tactics of arson, tree spiking and other sabotage can easily cause maiming and death. There is a bigger concern though.

Scientists warn that the ability to create super viruses, bacteria and toxins is already upon us. More and more people gain access to the knowledge every day. If and when some nut decides to create and deploy them, it wont be a terrorist, a general or a dictator, it will be someone who believes that humanity is a scourge on the planet and it is their duty to rid it of us. The recent Discovery Channel special "Earth after Humans" was a good example of an eco-terrorists fantasy.

Without humans Earth can return to its "natural state" (in the minds of eco-terrorists humans are not natural). Then they can be reincarnated as a care-free giant otter or hawk or something.

Ensuring that we don't do long term damage to our environment in search of short term comfort and convenience is a good idea. Killing people and breaking things in a philisophical temper tantrum is just stupid and dangerous. If you're not intellectually capable of making your point without vandalism or violence, you're a moron and need to be locked up.

From EarthLiberationFront.com:
"The Earth Liberation Front "ELF" is an underground movement with no leadership, membership or official spokesperson"

I guess that means it's not the "official website" since they have no officials. It's interesting that the site seems to be supported by Viagra ads and an annual "Swingers Festival". Is Viagra Earth friendly?

The group claims some of their members have been imprisoned on false charges because they represent "threats to the powers that be". Of course in this country threats to the powers that be don't get locked up, they become pundits and contributors on cable news shows. Threats to persons and property go to prison.

BTW if any ELF members out there are getting hot under the collar about this, I live in CO. Step on my property in a threatening manner and I can legally kill you...and what determines "threatening manner" is entirely up to me.

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