Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip - Video

"I mispoke"? Maybe in the sense that O.J. "mispoke" when he said he was "100% not guilty"

Hillary Clinton recently recalled a 1996 trip to Bosnia saying that she remembers running to the car with her head down to avoid sniper fire. There was supposed to be a welcoming ceremony, but they had to be rushed off to safety.

What she didn't know was...there's video. This clip from CBS News shows what really happened. There was a welcoming ceremony, with both Hillary and Chelsea, and an 8 year old Bosnian girl. Everyone is smiling and carefree. There certainly isn't any sniper fire to be found.

The "I mispoke" explanation is as insulting as the original lie. How dumb does this woman think we are? This is right up there with her claim that she was named after Sir Edmund Hllary, even though he didn't become famous until AFTER she was born (Sir Hillary climbed Everest in 1953, Hillary was born in '47). Like Bill, her first reaction is to lie. It's almost pathological. I'm sure she speaks the truth a lot of the time, but it's impossible to tell when. She lies about things that don't even matter. Who cares whether or not she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary or whether she ever had to duck sniper fire? The risk doesn't seem to match the potential benefit.

This woman is psychologically impaired. Don't let her near the red button, and for Pete's sake, don't hand her the phone at 3 in the morning!

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