Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama, Clinton and McCain all say "I'm sorry"...They're all right.

The apology-fest continued this week as Barak Obama apologized for his pastor saying that Bill Clinton rode the black community like "he did Monica Lewinski." This comes on the heels of Hillary apologizing for Geraldine Ferraro's suggestion that Obama wouldn't have been as successful if he were white. McCain has participated in the mea culpa parade too, recently apologizing for a radio show host making fun of Obama's middle name.

This is the consequence of having three legislators vying for a chief executive position. Senators live by consensus. Deals are worked out based on social position and emotion. Congress is not a place where strong individuals thrive. I shudder to think what these guys will do while representing America on the world stage. Our foreign policy is likely to be one continuous apology.

Just once, I want to hear one of the candidates faced with a question about a supporters rude, obnoxious, out-of-line comments respond: "Yeah, I heard that. That was pretty funny." Lead by example. Show a little emotional toughness instead of competing for top spot in the "onion skin" competition. We're at war for Pete's sake. We don't need a president who's going to be sensitive to Al Quaida's feelings. We need a president who will hunt them down and kill them, without apologizing for it afterwards.

How can we expect our leaders to hold their own on the world stage when they demonstrate daily that they can't even take a joke at home.

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