Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama - With Friends Like These.....

It has been suggested that the Clinton campaign consciously and strategically tried to inject race into the primary election as far back as January. They wanted to make him the "black candidate" meaning that he would focus mainly on issues that would benefit a single voting block rather than the public at large. Obama didn't go for the bait. The Republicans didn't go for the bait. For a while it looked as though the strategy wasn't going to work. Unfortunately for Obama, a lot of black activists took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

They mistook widespread acceptance and approval of Barak Obama as widespread acceptance and approval of their agenda: socialism, pacifism, anger, resentment, the lust for revenge on those they've deemed their oppressors (whites and jews). This is the consequence of the Democrat party's successful efforts to create a "black" voting block that votes largely along party lines. It created the idea that everybody with dark skin is of one mind. "We're militant socialists and we're black. Barak's black. Therefore...."

The ministers that have come out in support of Barak's former pastor, The Reverend Wright, have defended him by saying that the general public just doesn't understand the atmosphere of the black church, as if the notion that racial hatred and disdain for their own country is pervasive among the black community is supposed to make us feel better about the situation. If you're really that pissed off, take it out of the church and let's talk it out in the public arena. Keeping it "in the family" enables radicals in leadership positions to harness all that anger, bitterness and resentment for the advancement of their agenda, which is not, in my humble opinion, a good one.

In any case, if the Clintons intentionally and successfully have made race an issue in the primary contest, it's not going to benefit either candidate. Obama's associations with and reluctance to distance himself from, radical elements make him unelectable in the general election. His race is not the issue. His coziness with the radical left is. Hillary will not be able to secure the nomination without making it look like "The Man" stole the election. She'll need the "super delegates" to pull it off and there's just no way to sell that.

The silver lining is, as I alluded to earlier, maybe the anger and resentment that has apparently, up to now, been confined to black churches will come out into the light where we can deal with it. We all want the same things (well most of us). A real shot at the American dream. In cases where people are being unjustly denied a fair shot, we need to acknowledge and fix it. Of course we'll have different ideas as to how best to do that, but let's drop the hyperbole and have a civil, intelligent, productive debate. If we still disagree at the end of the day, we bid each other goodnight and pick it up tomorrow, or next week. Obama said in his speech that he cannot disown his pastor anymore than he can disown his white grandmother who has made racial comments as well. After all, they're family and no matter how wrong they may be at times, family is family. That's the attitude we need to expand on. Don't gather in isolation to talk smack about your family. Come join the conversation in the living room.... and watch your language. There's kids out here.

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