Monday, April 21, 2008

ACLU to the Rescue - FLDS Texas Polygamist Cult

I understand the value of an organization that constantly monitors our justice system to ensure that individual rights are upheld. I wish we had one. The ACLU claims to be one, but they certainly seem to take a disproportionate interest in the protection of child molestors, whether it be individuals or organization such as NAMBLA and the FLDS which have institutionalized the practice.

The argument the ACLU seems to be making is that the government has no concrete proof that all of the children are in danger or have been molested, therefore, those who are not proven to be damaged or in danger should be released...and the government should apologize to the FLDS.

This makes about as much sense as removing 4 children from a burning building, finding two of them in good shape, and so sending them back in.

Personally, I believe given their past pursuits that the ACLU simply does not see adults having sex with children as a crime or anything to get upset about. I think they view it as a lifestyle choice between consenting adults...and children. What they seem to fail to grasp is that this society has decided that human beings need time to develop some brainpower and experience before being turned loose on adults. The age may be subjective, but it's an educated guess. You don't have the right to abuse, molest or have sex with children in this country. Not even your own.

Maybe someday the ACLU will be overtaken by people interested in establishing and maintaining an objective justice system that upholds the rights bestowed us in the constitution. It's not there today. If protecting children against predatory adults is the act of oppression, color me oppressive.


Mohammed said...

Hello PunditMaster,

I did not realize that they were marrying infants and toddlers too. Oh wait, they're why are we taking them away again?

Captain Capitalist said...

It goes to the burning house analogy. Would you leave your infant or toddler with someone who has sex with 13 and 14 year olds?

If you were in a burning house, would you want the firemen to actually wait until you caught fire to save you?

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Found your blog through the FLDS links.
I agree.

Also, is the ACLU helping the "Lost Boys" (and some girls)? Probably not.

michael.dufel said...

Even idots get a voice on the internet it seems. I wonder if you even understand what is in the constitution or the principles behind it.

Texas law lays out the level of proof needed to invoke emergency powers. This is similar to the principle of exigent circumstance where a law enforcement officer would normally need a warrant to search your house, but not if there are gunshots, screams, and blood splattered on the windows. The bottom line is that the CPS didn't meet the burden of proof required. This might not make sense to morons, but is necessary to avoid a police state where people get thrown in jail on trumped up charges because they got on the wrong side of the local powers that be.

Your biggest error was in assuming that the CPS had some sort of proof. After it turned out that the once complaint was a hoax, their only argument boiled down to saying that being FLDS makes you a child molestor and statuatory rapist. Being muslim doesn't make you a suicide bomber. Being a black man driving a BMW doesn't mean grand theft auto. Being hispanic doesn't make you an illegal alien. Being FLDS doesn't make you a target for rape (even if the odds are higher than average).

And their pregnant teen mothers? Only a

michael.dufel said...

From an appeals court ruling against the CPS an a more legit removal:

Child abuse and neglect are very serious problems. We
applaud the efforts of social workers to address these matters
and to protect the vulnerable victims of these crimes. “No one
can doubt the importance of this goal.” Cf. Mincey v. Arizona,
437 U.S. 385, 393 (1978). However, the rights of families to
be free from governmental interference and arbitrary state
action are also important. Thus, we must balance, on the one
hand, the need to protect children from abuse and neglect and,
on the other, the preservation of the essential privacy and liberty
interests that families are guaranteed under both the
Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of our Constitution.


Captain Capitalist said...


That's nice rhetoric. Good news for your side. The kiddos are going back to their molestors.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure somebody had sex with the pregnant teenagers at some point, and I'm pretty sure they'll be doing so again shortly.

All Muslims are not terrorists, but it's a safe bet that most Muslims camping out in the mountains with terrorists are probably terrorists.

The constitution doesn't require you to be stupid.

...and your technique of calling those you disagree with idiots...very persuasive.