Monday, April 21, 2008

Does Hillary Have an Ace in the Hole?

The math doesn't add up. Hillary Clinton wont overtake Obama in delegates, and unless Obama gets arrested for something awful, probably not in popular vote either. The "super delegates" are not going to just give the nomination to Hillary and face the wrath of the Obama supporters and everyone else interested in representative democracy. So why is she still in the race?

I don't discount the possibility that she's just in denial, but what if she knows something we don't? I wouldn't be surprised if some time after the Pennsylvania primary, which I expect Hillary to win by double digits, some juicy piece of devastating news were to come forth regarding Obama. That would allow Hillary to point to her victories in large important states as well as having momentum and if the story is bad enough, she might just be able to sway public sentiment along with the super delegates.

Far fetched? Remember, Obama didn't think the Reverend Wright association would be a problem until as late as January. He also continued to associate with Bill Ayers until recently and one of his surrogates described their relationship as "friendly" even this year. Then, just a couple of weeks ago he describes working class Pennsylvanians as blinded by bitterness to a fundraising audience in San Fransisco. Barak has been careless about who he associates with and what he's saying very late in the game. It's not out of the question that he's got some serious issues dating back a few years, and if anyone can unearth them, it's the political wrecking ball known as the Clinton machine.

Stay tuned.

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