Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama Wright and the Great Conversation

In the "Be Careful What You Wish For" department, we are now fully engaged in the conversation that Barak suggested we need regarding differences in perception between different groups of Americans. Specifically, Barak suggested that we didn't really know the Reverend Wright and what he's all about because we've only heard sound bites taken out of context.

Well I listened to an hour-long speech by Wright in its entirety live over the weekend and another hour today. Here's what I've surmised: The Reverend believes that whites and blacks are biologically different in the way they think and learn, which implies that they should be taught differently (separate but equal schools? Didn't we try that?). He was given the opportunity to clarify or renounce the notion that America was responsible for bringing 9/11 upon itself. He instead restated it. He believes that Louis Farrakhan is a great man. He believes that attacks on him are attacks on the "black church", suggesting he is their spokesman. He was given the opportunity to renounce or clarify his accusation that the U.S. Government is using aids to wipe out the black race in America. He simply said he believes the government is capable of anything. Hardly a renouncement.

I'm beginning to get a very clear picture of where the Reverend Wright is coming from and it's ugly. Did Barak miss all of that over a 20 year period?

The thing that's disturbing is not that things have happened over the past 2+ centuries that are negative. It's which things one decides to hold on to and focus on that's revealing. One can go through the course of one's day selectively focusing on all of the negative things that occur and wind up having a lousy day. One can go through the same exact day choosing to focus on the good things that happen and have a great day. Which you decide to do is a reflection of your current mental state. Are you a positive or negative person? Do we want the leader of our country to be someone who chooses to live in the negative? Someone with an ax to grind with the American people? Is Barak that kind of person?

He would do well to answer that question in no uncertain terms.

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