Friday, April 25, 2008

Rock Solid Border Security

I was watching the news today when a story about the border fence aired. The border security agent explained that the purpose of the chain link fence was not to gaurantee that nobody could cross. Indeed people break through, over and under everyday. But, traversing the fence takes time. This gives the border patrol the time they need to deploy to the site. This inspired an idea.

What if, instead of chain link or any fence at all, we went low tech to achieve the same objective, much less expensively, with less maintenance requirement and probably much more effectively. The idea? Boulders.

A 40 yard wide swath of 3 foot boulders would be a major feat to traverse with any kind of speed. Getting across of field of boulders would take much longer than cutting through, climbing, or digging under a fence. Removing them would be a several day affair and not something fugatives would take the time to indulge in. The field could be located entirely on US soil, enabling US agents to clear debris when necessary. This would still be an improvement over the daily necessity of repairing damaged fence today. One thing Arizona, Texas and other border states have in abundant supply is rocks. Let's put some to good use.

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