Monday, April 28, 2008

The Wright Stuff? - Detroit NAACP speech

Jeremiah Wright's association with Barak Obama earned him an hour of uninterrupted live broadcast time on the cable networks this past weekend. He gave a speech to the Detroit chapter of the NAACP.

The theme was not bad "Different Does Not Mean Defecient". The delivery was very good. He was very animated. The material was reminiscent of Jimmy the Greeks theory on black vs white biology. The reverend displayed once again why one shouldn't comment in detail on things one knows nothing about.

First there was the "whites are right brained, blacks are left brained" bit. While it's true that some people are very analytical and others are very visual/creative, it isn't related to skin color. I am very logical/analytical. My wife is very creative and not analyitical. We're the same color. He also seemed to be suggesting that musical styles and tastes are genetic. Fortunately, I did not inherit the "Guy Lombardo" gene from my parents.

The reverend is not running for president. He can be as wrong as he wants to be. The only danger here is that someone might actually make educational policy decisions base on that load of horse#$#. The whole notion of a nationwide organzation whose membership is based on skin color doesn't sit well with me either, but that's another post.

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