Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feeling Chilly? Blame Global Warming, Please ignore the cooling trend.

There may be more objective sources for this information, but This One is more entertaining.

I've been watching Al Gore tour the world on his "sky is falling" campaign while wondering if anyone was going to notice how cold it's been in Colorado for the past couple of years. In the 20+ years I've lived here it's never been this consistently cool...and wet.

Now the global warming cult has had to address the lower temperatures. Indeed they predict the cooling trend to continue for perhaps 10 years, maybe more. But, fear not, they claim that in the end, global warming will take hold. That's very bold. I can make an equally enlightening prediction: At some point over the course of the rest of my life, the stock market will trend upward. Take heed.

So why would so many top, respected scientists, with half the alphabet after their names cling to a theory that doesn't remotely resemble the facts in the field? Here's how the game is played: First of all, you don't get grant money to study things that aren't problems, so step one - find a problem. Step two - sell the problem. Once the problem gains popularity, up and comers in your field will lend their support because, after all, they want to be accepted by their peers more than they want to be right. Step 3 - ignore and even denounce any evidence that does not support the notion of the ever increasing problem. Death to the infidels! Step -4 promote solutions to the problem that involve a lot more research over a very long time. Step 5 - apply for and receive said grant money. Step 6 - return to Step 2.

To be fair, not all phony baloney "scientists" are in it for the money. Some just like to be in charge. The feeling of power that comes from being able to direct resources that don't belong to you is very intoxicating to the feeble brained. (BTW IQ score and education levels are not indicators brain feebleness or lack thereof.)

If it seems as though this issue really chaps my hide - it does. I'm a big fan of objective truth and reality. I've watched the truth being sacrificed on the altar of global warming for years. Now there's hard evidence that the theory that man is causing a global climate shift, is just not true. Instead of objectively evaluating the data, the guardians of the cult have chosen to engage in mental gymnastics to explain why their warming trend is resulting in lower temperatures.

The world's climate will change. That's a given. It would be helpful to understand how and why this happens, if only to have some heads up so we can adapt. The cult of global warming does nothing to further our understanding of reality.

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