Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why McCain Should Consider Race in His VP Choice

As I've said before, Barak Obama is going to be the Democrat nominee for president barring his sudden arrest for something horrendous. However, exit polls among Democrats are showing a disturbing, yet real trend among a significant number of whites who will not vote for a black candidate. If ever there was a time for the Republican party to put the racial straw man to bed, it's now.

No one should be put on the ticket solely based on race. Whoever is the VP needs to be ready, willing and able to assume the presidency on day one. There are many African Americans who fit the bill. McCain should choose one if only to take away any obvious choice for the bigots. Republicans will do their party no favor if it appears the white supremacist vote put them over the top. Take them out of the game entirely. Don't even give them an option. If Condi wont do it, ask Michael Steele, or any number of other qualified candidates.

In a perfect world, race would not be an issue, but clearly it is. The Republican party can send a message that bigots have no home in either party. It's high time to send that message.

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