Friday, May 16, 2008

Why the Wheels May Come off The Democrat Bandwagon

Barak Obama is going to be the Democrat's nominee. He's been doing a lot of responding lately. His supporters, including pundits have been defending him as well. The thing that makes me cringe about it all is the nature of the responses.

If you believe in something, say so. Don't tell me you didn't say what you said, or the words that came out of your mouth aren't what you meant. If you believe we should talk to guys like Ahmadinijad unconditionally, say so. Don't tell me you didn't say it. You did. If you admire and respect the orations of Reverand Wright, say so. Don't tell me you sat in a church listening to the guy and reading his magazine and didn't have a clue where he was coming from. If you think blue collar American's are out of touch with reality, say so. Don't tell me you didn't mean it when you said it.

There's too much recording capacity in the world these days to tell one audience that you've never been proud of your country in your adult life, and then tell another that you didn't say it.

I can respect someone I disagree with. I can't respect someone who changes their tune with every audience. If you're ashamed of what you think, stop thinking it. If you think it's right, proclaim it from the highest hilltop, unapologetically. Show some conviction.

If you think pulling out of Iraq, raising taxes, increasing government programs and nationaling health care will make our lives better, say so. Don't try to trick us into it because you have faith that the ends will justify the means. That's not how this country works.

How do you have a productive, intelligent discussion or debate with someone when you can't believe a word that's coming out of their mouth? How do you hold a meaningful conversation with someone who refuses to be accountable for their own words? How do you reach a valid conclusion when you keep changing the premise?

The refusal of the Democrat party to stand up for their own words will do more damage to them than if they had just honestly laid their hands on the table. If you want a radically different American, tell us, then tell us what your America will look like and we'll decide if it has merit. You want to take the lead, but you're afraid to tell us where you want to go. This is no time for a shot in the dark and that's all the Democrats are offering at the moment.

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