Friday, June 6, 2008

The Global Capacity to Solve a Crisis

As I was cowering in a corner worrying about global warming, I was heartened by remembering how we came together as a global community, in multi-partisan fashion and solved the great crisis's of days gone by.

In the 1970's we were faced with a number of them. Global cooling was bringing on a new ice age. At the same time we had less than a ten year supply of oil left in the world, as well as a number of other critical commodities. Shortly after that we began running out of landfill space. This culminated with the famous "garbage barge" from New York City. We had finally run out of landfill space (that was the day we stopped using landfills if you'll recall). In the 80's we were faced with extinction due to acid rain; good thing we fixed that in a hurry. All forms of life on the planet were then threatened by the disappearing ozone layer. The global community came together and took action immediately. The ozone layer was promptly repaired thanks to the good works of activists and scientists around the world.

I don't recall a period in my lifetime when our very existence was not threatened by some global phenomenon. The key to solving these problems has been our unflinching faith in the wisdom of our elected officials, pundits and the carefully chosen experts presented on the nightly news. If we are to survive the current crisis we must depend on those same forces to once again engage in careful planning, decisive action and flawless execution, just as they've always done in the past. I've no doubt the powers that be will fix this one as well, but there will be another on its heels. We must be ready, willing and able to impart to them all the authority, tax dollars and resources they request and deserve. There's no time for doubt and second guessing.

I thank my lucky stars every day that there are such wise and wonderful people in Washington DC, at the UN and in Hollywood, selflessly looking after my best interests.

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