Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cake in the Rain - Lyrics analysis

It may have been a commercial, maybe a bit of bumper music, I don't know. Somewhere I heard that ridiculous song "Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain" a few weeks back and it keeps popping into my head on and off. Naturally, I decided a critical analysis of the lyrics was in order.

The premise is that there was this super fantastic, delicious cake and it was ruined in a rainstorm. The baker blames "someone" for the oversight and claims it took a long time to create and that they'll "never have that recipe again".

Let's look at the facts. First of all, if you're baking something that takes that much time and effort, how much additional time would it take to write down the recipe? Where did the baker get the recipe? Was someone standing there reciting it? If so, where is the keeper of the recipe now?

As for the finished cake, there are only two possibilities: People, or at least one person, had a chance to try some of the cake before it rained, or nobody tried the cake before it rained. If the former is true and it was truly a delicious, super-fantastic cake, it would have been commented on, talked about, seconds would have been requested. In short, people would have been very aware of the cake and someone surely would have said "Don't forget the cake" at the first sign of rain. That clearly didn't happen. So, if someone had tried the cake, and it still got left in the rain, it couldn't have been that good. If the latter is true and nobody had tried the cake before it got ruined, how do we know it was that great anyway? If the baker will "never have that recipe again" we can assume he/she didn't have it before. Why all the misery over the loss of a cake nobody ever tasted? In either case, the overall quality and therefore value of the cake in question was either grossly overstated or completely fabricated.

Finally there's the accountability issue. The baker of the cake; author of the song, is obviously very broken up about its loss. Yet, they refer to the person who left it out only as "someone". This indicates that he/she doesn't know who was responsible for the cake, or that nobody was assigned responsibility for the cake. The cake was clearly not as important to anyone else. Nobody else wrote and performed a song about it. If anyone should have taken responsibility for the care of the cake, it's the baker/author. The song should be "I left my cake out in the rain". Future cake loss for this baker/author can not be avoided until he/she is ready to take full responsibility for cake placement and storage.

Lessons learned? If you make something good, write down the recipe and back it up. If you can't delegate responsibility for cake safety, take it upon yourself. If a cake catastrophe does occur, don't whine about it. Go to the store and get another one. Maybe it wont be as good as the original, but I'm sure your guests will appreciate a mediocre cake much more than they'll appreciate listening to you go on about the loss of the first one.

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Smokey Joe said...

Dead on, mate! It took Harris (and Summer, afterwards!) a solid 7.5 minutes to state his (her) case.

Your comment brought a solid grin on my face - the day is good now, and cannot be ruined.

How much time would it have cost the lyricist to phone a baker and get a replacement sent to wherever he would care to have it?

Alse, IMHO, someone caring more for a cake than for people eating 'a' cake, should be shot at daybreak - or, in case of rain, as soon as it stops raining (because we can't run the risk, however small, of having a misfire).

BUT, if, on the other hand, the cake was indeed special (without anyone caring for it, except for the baker, but then not enough to take it in when needed) it might have been a spacecake - and THEN it would make perfect sense, IF the party was held in MAP, with police being omnipresent. I wouldn't be seen with such a cake, or anything like it; nor would I claim any responsibility for it or knowing of who was to be held accountable (also referring to the chance of Being Shot At Daybreak, as an accomplice after the fact).

So, in short: I think it's not more than reasonable to have a cake, and leave it out in the rain at the first possibility, if such an occasion would present itself.

Hail, Pundit Master, Hail, And Let Common Sense Prevail!

(Note to all: bake cakes, huge quantities of them, and leave them under any circumstance, preferably in moist conditions - as this will lend you the opportunity to bang on about it endlessly and scrupulously - you might even end up with a hit! Do stop and think of claiming ownership of your lyrics though, and not of the cake!)