Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama 2.0

I had previously said that I thought the Republicans would face a tougher opponent in Hillary than Barak because Hillary's positions tend to change with the polls, while, I thought Barak was more likely to stick to the policies he outlined during the primaries.

Boy was I wrong. He's now indicating flexibility on offshore drilling and tax hikes, but the most notable shift is in Iraq policy. While he still says he favors a 16 month timetable for pulling out our troops he has revised his stance to say that actual timetables and troop levels will be determined by the facts on the ground and the commanders in the field. Where have we heard that before?

While this isn't going to earn him my vote,(after all it still makes more sense to vote for the guy who says he wont raise your taxes than the guy who says he will but probably wont) it does make me a little less worried about the prospect of an Obama victory. Bill Clinton had some massive spending programs and agendas that looked like horrible ideas. Fortunately, none of them passed. Bill was also a shape-changer. He was dogmatic when it suited him, but could change his position on a dime and make the audience think he was going that way the whole time.

Obama is looking much more old-school than new-politics. In the case of someone who doesn't support your views, old-school is good. It means he's more interested in gaining acceptance than advancing an agenda. It's bad news for those who do support his previously stated agenda. You're about to be cast aside like a free-market, limited government Republican.

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