Monday, July 14, 2008

The Pickens Plan - Revolutionary, even without the oil

You can debate the merits of The Pickens Plan all day. The revolutionary aspect is that somebody finally figured out you don't have to be a politician to advance ideas.

The Pickens Plan is basically a call to immediate action on the foreign oil dependency front, and specifically advocates more wind and natural gas use. Of course Pickens would benefit financially from such a move. He's positioned himself accordingly, one might say, putting his money where his mouth is. Pickens financial interests are not a secret, and they only illustrate that he believes in what he's advocating.

The approach is very like Ronald Reagan's in that he went around the media and the lobbyists and the politicians and went directly to the American public. The difference is that T. Boone Pickens is a private citizen. His plan is not partisan. It's a specific approach to a specific and narrowly defined issue. It's something anyone in either party could get behind or not without putting their party credentials in question. There is no appearance of back door deals. All Picken's deals are on public display and the public is his target. To indict the mechanics of the negotiation or debate you'd have to indict the American public.

I hope more celebrities and well-to-do Americans come to realize they don't have to be salespeople for an entire package, or philosophy or political party or candidate. One can advance one idea at a time, and one doesn't have to run for office to do it. There is financial reward at stake as well. It's great PR to be associated with a good idea without the baggage of being associated with an entire party or organization. The one caution: Pick your ideas wisely and don't try to "fool" the public. They don't mind being informed and influenced, but they don't want to be played.

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