Friday, August 8, 2008

Axe Body Odor Study - "People Stink"

Perhaps the best example of the power of mass manipulation is not any government conspiracy, but high heels. Somehow, marketers convinced women that they should walk around with sticks under their heels, and they've been doing so ever since.

Another premise that the general public has bought hook, line and sinker is that no human being should ever have to be subjected to the smell of another human being. The latest study was sponsored by, or course, a deodorant and body spray company. It measured odor "intensity" and suggests that now that smoking is out in bars and clubs, the odor of human is more prevalent.

Of course people should wash, wear clean clothes and not smell of aging bacteria, but the "odor of human" has only become a putrid thing due to the successful efforts of Madison Avenue. These are the same folks who suggest that the minute you feel the least bit uncomfortable you take a bubble bath, some pepto bismol, a pain reliever, some anti-depressants, it really doesn't matter what. Just buy something.

How much of the world's resources go into the attempt to reach the now established Utopian state of constantly feeling euphoric and smelling only pre-approved flowery smells while looking like Angelina Jolee or Brad Pitt?

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