Monday, August 18, 2008

BBB Alert - Relentless Car Warranty Calls

The phone rings, the automated voice on the other end reminds you that your auto warranty is about to expire. Both consumers and local businesses have been inundated with these auto warranty calls. The companies are using automated dialing programs that call every single number (including cell phones and unlisted numbers). It doesn’t matter if you own a vehicle or not.

The messages give information that you can be removed from their calling list by pressing a number. However, the calls continue to come. Consumers have reported waiting for a human representative and asking to be removed from the list, only to receive more warranty calls. At least 4 or 5 different firms are calling with these warranty offers.

Some company representatives have become combative and rude when asked to put a telephone number on their “do not call” list. They often refuse to give any information about the firm they are working for as well. Other consumers who have reached a representative are barraged with questions about VIN numbers, Social Security numbers, birthdates, and other sensitive information before the agent will tell the consumer anything.

The BBB of Southern Colorado office was plagued by auto warranty calls as well, receiving upwards of 20 calls a day.

The BBB reminds consumers that you do not have to give out information to unsolicited callers. A legitimate company will give you full information, including a telephone number, address, and why they are calling.

Persons besieged by these warranty or other unwanted telemarketing calls are encouraged to register with the Colorado No Call List and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry.

Consumers may not be aware that they can add or remove their residential, wireless, or fax telephone numbers.

If a company continues to call you after being asked to remove you from their calling list, you can file a complaint with the No Call agencies.

Colorado No Call List 800-309-7041

FTC National No Call Registry 888-382-1222

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