Monday, August 4, 2008

A Bit of Persuasion for Domestic Drilling - Tell Congress to Vote

Although 70% of Americans favor more domestic drilling, the leadership in the House and the Senate wont even let the matter come up for a vote. Perhaps they need a "bit" of persuasion.

Here's the idea: Send your Representative and Senators a small drill bit in the mail, with the message "drill already!" Send one each to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as well.

You can find your Congress persons contact info Here.

I'd recommend a very small bit (1/16" or smaller). It will make the point without alarming anybody and you can tape it to your letter and mail it with a first class stamp.

Pelosi and Reid are protecting their party members by not having them record a vote against domestic drilling just before an election. They need to be reminded who they work for. Let's drill the point home.

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