Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Mixed Message of the Fringe

I must say after viewing the pilot episode of The Fringe, I think FOX has a winner here.

The premise is intriguing. Science and technology have accelerated to the point that amazing discoveries will be made, or already have been, by people totally beyond the control of any government agency. In theory, a genius in his garage could come up with new science and knowledge that could make him or her the most powerful and/or dangerous person on the planet overnight.

It's both plausible and disturbing. Not just from the view that powerful new science could end up in "the wrong hands", but that the public could be convinced of the need for tight government controls on knowledge, information and research and development resources.

It's a real dilemma. More freedom = less security. More security = less freedom. Are you more afraid of science "in the wrong hands" or an overbearing government?

Personally, I prefer to take the chance that bad guys might get hold of dangerous knowledge, and instruct the government to control, pursue and contain the bad guys, not the knowledge.

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