Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Won Debate? Not Us

Okay, maybe not a great debate, an adequate debate? Alright, let's just call it a debate. If you were firmly in the corner of one candidate or the other before tonight, I doubt you heard anything that changed your mind. If you were on the fence, it depends on what your priorities are.

I think McCain scored points on national security. He repeatedly used the phrase "Senator Obama just doesn't understand...", and at times made a pretty convincing case.

Obama did seem to be on the defensive more often than not.

Neither candidate scored any points with me on the economic front. Both agreed that a multi billion dollar bail out was absolutely necessary. It's a familiar refrain from those who pay lip service to free markets in good times. When things get tough it's always "I firmly believe in free market principals, but......." Followed by a big but.

McCain could have been the populist hero if he had gone to DC and simply squashed the whole bail out on principal. Main Street isn't afraid of facing the consequences of letting nature take its course. It's the suits who are petrified. McCain and Obama both came across as just another couple of suits. Ironically, McCain talked about how important it will be to reign in government spending as he simultaneously proclaimed his optimism and gratitude that a bi-partisan mass raiding of the treasury will soon be passed. Obama conceded he might have to scale back or delay some of his other social engineering projects until this one is done. Yes, we are about to elect yet another leader of the largest economy in the world who has no clue as to how it works and no faith in its ability to adapt.

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