Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RIP Capitalist America

I don't think I'm being melodramatic when I say we're witnessing the end of the United States of America as a capitalist country. The recent action of our government, lauded by both major parties, reveals a total lack of faith in the free market. They all say they hate to do it, as they drive the knife in deeper.

Instead of investigating and prosecuting the culprits in the sub-prime loan debacle, taxpayer money was used to bail them out. The government took control of the two largest mortgage companies in the country, the company that insured them and is now taking ownership in the banks. They already control your utilities, your access to information, in some places, even your trash disposal. No worries, you can still go to Walmart and buy something nice with the allowance you'll be left after taxes. Barak Obama is 14 points ahead in the polls with just 3 weeks to go and has made no secret of his plan for wealth redistribution. A liberal controlled House and Senate are chomping at the bit to help him implement it. Not that John McCain is any kind of champion of free enterprise. At best he may have slowed the train down a bit.

Next the government will take control of health care. Why? Because the American people are screaming for it. Once your neighbor's premiums and benefits are directly tied to your personal behavior (through nationalized health care) there is no limit to the regulation and restriction that can be justified in the name of the greater good.

Politicians have been dividing us into groups and buying our votes with more and more promises of free stuff. We've been lapping it up like faithful mutts. Now we will get our just deserts: A new world order. A system in which failure is not allowed is a system in which excellence is not possible, and for the foreseeable future, that is the new American way.

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