Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Second Presidential Debate - Who Won Debate '08 Belmont?

Belmont University's Debate on October 7th, 2008, held in Nashville, TN had a clear winner.

John McCain won this won handily in two catagories. On style points, he had Obama on his heels the whole time. McCain's answers were clear, concise and included plenty of jabs at Obama. Barak seemed like a politician trying to kill 90 minutes.

But McCain also won in another catagory: Most outlandish new economic proposal. He suggested that he will direct the treaury to buy up "bad mortgages" and renegotiate them with the home owner, or more accurately, the current resident. Merry Christmas!

This may well get him some votes. But lets look at the Freakonomics at play here. It would actually benefit you, if you believe that McCain will be elected to not only get behind on your mortgage and make as little money as you can get by on, but it would also behoove you to do whatever you can to diminish the perceived value of your property. After all the governments going to forgive your current mortgage in favor of one at the current appraised value. You want that appraisal to come in as low as possible. For Pete's sake don't fix anything! In fact, you might want to throw a baseball or two through your own windows, stop mowing the lawn, park a car on blocks in your driveway, or better yet front lawn, create a few paint chipped areas, whatever you can do to make your home less appealing.

Obama's policies of tax increase on higher incomes, mandated insurance programs and a wide assortment of spending initiatives will strangle an already struggling business community. McCain's Christmas in November to home buyers will decimate an already decimated real estate market. Choose your poison.

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