Monday, October 27, 2008

What's the next phase? Reinstate the Draft?

I'll save the preface for the novel. Since this is blogworld, I'll just give you the trailer.

I believe what Biden was referring to in his statement that the world will "test" Obama and it may not be immediately evident that his response is right, means they're planning on reinstating the draft. They have the solution. Now they just need a crisis. If I had to take a guess, I'd say center stage will be Indonesia (again, I'll save the why for the novel).

Why the draft? We've got to instill in the young'uns a sense of duty to country, a cause bigger than themselves, discipline, respect for authority, etc. You can't run an efficient collectivist state with everyone running around looking out for themselves all willy-nilly. But what about those who are opposed to violence and the military? No worries. They can sign up for mandatory community service. They'll still get uniforms and serve society as directed by their superiors.

It will be sold as an essential for national security as well as a jobs program to "get the economy back on track". Education credits will be part of the package as well as helping to re-establishing traditional values in the young people.

Think I'm nuts? Maybe, but just for yuks, bookmark this and check back around June of 2009.

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