Sunday, February 8, 2009

SNL News - No Joke, Feb 7, 2009

There was a lot going on in D.C. this week. The debate raged over the stimulus package and some key Obama nominations went down in flames. You'd expect the writers on Saturday Night Live would have some great material for the SNL News segment at the President's expense.

Here's what they came up with: Seth Myers reports that two Obama nominees had to withdraw because of tax problems and President Obama says "I screwed up." The punch line from Myers? "That was your screw up? This guy broke the world" (picture of George W. Bush).

They couldn't bring themselves to lampoon our Glorious Leader. Instead, they tried to make him feel better. These are strange days indeed. Particularly at NBC, where an entire network has become a cheerleader for a political agenda. We're used to comedians and news outlets being cynical of, suspicious of and sometimes even hostile toward our politicians. I've never seen anything like the partnership that seems to have been reached between NBC and this White House.

It's sad to see the poison has spread to otherwise talented comedians. If praising the powers that be in the highest of terms were funny, I'd say go for it. It's not. It's pathetic.

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