Monday, August 24, 2009

There's no such thing as nothing

Space, time and matter continue to amaze scientific minds. Space and time in particular. Where did space come from? Where did time come from? What existed before time began?

The mystic nature of these questions is based in a flawed perspective. The answer could be stated "It just doesn't matter" because without matter, the other two don't exist. To make this case I have to include in the term "matter" as used here, all types of particles, energy and radiation; anything that is not space or time.

Conceptually speaking, you can't have no apples until you have at least the concept of an apple. Concepts are things. You can't have no thing before you have a thing.

Time is a description of the relative motion of things. Even a single thing requires energy, which means something, no matter how small, is in motion relative to something else. No things = No time. The only place no thing can exist is in no time. We don't live there. Never have, never will.

Space is a description of a volume. To have volume it must envelope something. Otherwise, it's not space, it's just a point. Even a point needs some context. No thing = No space.

Space/Time is not some mysterious rubber sheet-like entity. It's just the relative motion of objects in a given area.

Space and time are characteristics of matter. Separating them from the physical is like pondering the meaning of inside and outside with no container as a reference. They are positions relative to nothing. Totally meaningless.

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