Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have met the enemy and he is us.

As we prepare to raise the debt ceiling once again, and inflation begins to rear its ugly head, there seems to be a general awareness that we're in serious trouble, but no will to do anything about it. I'm not talking about politicians, but their bosses, the American public.

Our government is fixing to collapse under it's own weight, yet every proposed cut meets with shrill opposition. The real issue is the proper role of government. Is it to provide for the basic needs of everyone by confiscating as much wealth as possible and redistributing it to those people, causes, companies, organizations and projects it deems worthy? Is a society's progress directly proportional to the size and scope of it's government?

The actions and behavior of the general public seems to indicate that most believe that is the case. They still believe quasi-socialism can work. We just need to tweak it. The mandate? Make the budget issue go away, but keep the entitlements coming. Raise taxes on everyone that has more than me if you have to. It's just that easy.

The fiscal meltdown will not be the fault of the representatives. It's the represented that absolutely will not tolerate the actions needed to avoid it. Therefore we will not avoid it. A few years from now it will be Americans chanting in the streets, demanding higher subsidies on bread and a larger allotment of government cheese. I sure wish I were wrong, but I'm not. Like the man said, You can't stop what's comin'

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