Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya - Can we get on the same page?

Although the President's rhetoric wasn't as strong as some would have liked, I think it's fair to say the military operation recently started in Libya was put together pretty fast. It was only a few weeks from the beginning of the protests to the beginning of cruise missle strikes.

It's true the mission remains unclear. We should come out and say Gadhafi is the target and regime change is the goal. But there is time to make that case and get it done.

I'm discouraged by those on the right, griping about how action should have begun earlier. It reminds me of a "Kids In The Hall" sketch where a restaurant patron wouldn't stop whining that he wanted his check 15 minutes ago. It just smacks of looking for a.reason to oppose the President for the sake of opposing the President. I didn't like it when the Democrats did it to Bush, and it's just as distasteful when Republicans do it to Obama. We've taken on the mission of protecting Libyan civilians. Our representatives need to do what they can to make it successful, not look for opportunities to score points. There will be time for that when the job is done. Yes, helping the President define the job would be part of helping to make it work.

Of course the far left is opposed to any U.S. Military action anywhere. That's par for the course. I don't expect that will ever change.

If you truly believe we should cease and desist in Libya, make that case. If you just don't like the way the operation is being conducted, fix it. Publicly whining sounds like you're routing for failure because it might suit you politically. What could be less American?

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