Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Trump Card

There are plenty of things, in my humble opinion, to find fault with Donald Trump over. For example his support for the extensive use of eminent domain and his seeming lack of a concrete philosophical base. However, Trump is getting a lot of things right lately, while his competitors, Democrat and Republican continue to display their cluelessness.

I don't know or care if Trump really ever believed whether or not President Obama was or wasn't born in Hawaii. A recent Pew Research poll indicated that about 62 percent of Americans still had doubts (this was before today's display by the White House). The administration had decided it was a non-issue. Most Republican candidates decided it was a non-issue. The press had decided it was a non-issue. The public wanted more clarification. The establishment essentially told 62% of the voting public that they weren't going to dignify their question with an answer. This can only be described with one word: Stupid.

Trump got them their answer. He delivered where even the Clinton machine couldn't. It took only 2 days from the time President Obama sent a request to Hawaii for the "long form" birth certificate until he had it in his hand, so it wasn't a matter of any kind of hardship or difficulty. He simply didn't want to do it until Trump forced him to.

Another area where Trump is crushing his detractors is in talking to the appropriate audience. He states the obvious; that China is manipulating its currency to our detriment; that U.S. policy, however well-intentioned, warm and/or fuzzy, has driven manufacturing jobs out of our country; that we provide defense for oil rich monarchies and dictators, free of charge, for the privilege of paying through the nose for oil while we refuse to develop our own resources.

It's not that the other candidates are not aware of these things. But saying them out loud might make you look less "stately" and diplomatic on the world stage. They're speaking to news editors, pundits and foreign dignitaries, not to the American public. This might work out okay during good times, but right now the public is looking for someone that will unequivocally and unapologetically advocate for the best interest of the United States. Let China look out for China and Saudi look after Saudi. We need leaders that are on our side. Maybe it's his TV experience that has helped him out in this area, but Trump is addressing the right audience. His rivals are not.

I don't know if Trump will run or not. I don't know if he'd be a good president or not. But he will be a formidable candidate if he wants to be. Any competitor that denies that does so at their own peril.

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