Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spiking Their Own Kool Aid

Yet another member of the Congressional Black Caucua has suggested that Tea Party folks are crazy racists who want to "see us hanging on a tree." First of all, The Tea Party isn't an organization that issues membership cards. It's a movement that believes in lower taxes and smaller government.

People who also believe in smaller government know that they're not racist or crazy. The CBC and others who are taking this tack, only appeal to those who have already drunk the Obama Kool Aid. They just sound desperate to everyone else. If you want to promote Mr. Obama, tell us about all the great things he's done and what he's going to do.

There's a legitimate split in this country between those who believe government should be the caretakers and overseers of their constituents and those who believe they should not. Name calling and hyperbole don't advance either side and actually make those who engage in it sound nutty and/or ignorant.

If you want to make the case for the Progressive movement, make it. If you think people will abandon capitalism because they don't want you to call them names, you really are crazy.

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