Monday, April 2, 2012

The tragic quagmire of Zimmerman/Martin

One bad night in February, George Zimmerman made a series of bad decisions that ended tragically for Travon Martin, his family and for Mr. Zimmerman and his family.

Since then many prominent Democrats, who are also regarded as leaders in the black community, have taken the opportunity to make outrageous comments and tweet outlandish things before a national audience. That's par for the course.

What I find bizarre is that because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee are Democrats, Republicans somehow decided they needed to hitch their wagons to the fate of George Zimmerman.

It's completely legitimate to point out that Sharpton, Jackson, and others are on the verge of inciting riots while an investigation is ongoing. It's equally legitimate to point out that NBC News intentionally edited the 911 call to make Zimmerman sound more racist (better story). But none of those things contribute to the actual guilt or innocence of Mr. Zimmerman. It either went down the way he said it did or it didn't. Even if it did, it's a tragedy created by his poor judgment. He's not a hero, or a poster boy for the second amendment.

Several points are not in dispute: Travon Martin was not engaged in any illegal activity. George Zimmerman decided he needed to follow him because he might be "up to no good". The 911 dispatcher told Mr. Zimmerman not to continue following him. George Zimmerman shot and killed Travon Martin. There are blanks that need to be filled in, but again, I think it's safe to say there were a series of tragically bad decisions made by Mr. Zimmerman that night.

This is not a Republican/Democrat case. It's not a black/white case. It's a story of one man's decision making process and the consequences thereof. There's only one legitimate side: the truth. Let's find out what it is and let the chips fall where they may.

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