Friday, October 26, 2012

The other Financial Cliff

As hurricane or tropical storm Sandy makes it's way up the east coast, I'm reminded of warnings I heard from scientists on TV years ago. They've actually been sounding the alarm for decades about a potential catastrophe in the financial district on the island of Manhattan. Those warnings have gone unheeded and no doubt, most "experts" will act like the event, should it happen, could not have been foreseen.

It seems there's a 65 year cycle involving the deep ocean  currents that results in hurricanes and major storms moving up the east coast and making landfall near NYC, rather than into the Gulf of Mexico. That cycle is due to begin...right about now. What scientists have been concerned about is the major build up of skyscrapers right in the potential target zone. Not only could we see billions of dollars in property damage to the financial district, but the buildings themselves may act like artificial canyons, directing flooding much farther inland and more violently than in the past.

So, for the record, if the Manhattan area gets walloped in the next decade or so, when you hear the predictable refrain of "climate change" or "nobody saw this coming", remember you heard it here, and I don't have a team of scientists. I just watch Discovery Channel from time to time.

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