Friday, December 14, 2012

God favors limited government

I know, you're not supposed to mix God and politics, but there is one thing that's undeniable. If you believe in God you must believe God could stop bad things from happening to good people. He could stop people from making bad decisions. He could eliminate pain and suffering. God has chosen not to do so. If you believe in God you must believe he has chosen individual human freedom over authoritarian control. With all the negative aspects of individual freedom, He, the all knowing, all wise, all good, has determined that the net benefits of freedom are preferrable to the predictability and security of central control. If you believe in God, do you believe your government knows better? Does God have it wrong? Did God forego interfering with your decisions and behavior only to leave them in the hands of an elite group of humans? Freedom is unpredictable. It can be frustrating, scary, uncertain, risky. Sometimes bad things happening to good people. So why would an all loving omnipotent God subject you to such a thing? Perhaps a better question, if you believe in God is - Why are so many people who claim to believe in God working so hard to negate His model?

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