Monday, December 24, 2012

Should Republicans cave on the Fiscal Cliff deal?

The President seems unwilling to budge on Fiscal Cliff negotiations. He has said he will not sign a bill that doesn't include tax hikes on incomes over $250,000/year and has made no proposals for meaningful spending cuts. In fact, he wants to spend more, growing the Federal Budget to over $5.63 Trillion by 2022 (assuming estimates are accurate and everything goes swimmingly over the next 10 years). 

If there is no deal, all the Bush era tax cuts will expire and automatic spending cuts, including huge cuts to the military budget, go into effect. There are calls, even from some Republicans, to just go along with some tax increase for now, and deal with the rest later. But why?

If you believe our debt crisis is for real, why would you sign on to a plan that does nothing to address it, and in fact, perpetuates it? Raising taxes on the rich wont close the gap. I'm sure they'll be just fine in either case, but the tax hike will just be a political stunt. Serious spending cuts have to be made. Government has to get smaller and the Democrats have no interest in making that happen. A politically motivated deal might make it look as though reason prevailed, but it would be an illusion. 

True, Republicans will likely get a lot of bad press if no deal is reached. What are the consequences? You lose the next election? So what? You get to go home with your integrity intact. If America believes the right way to go is to give the left the power to spend at will, so be it. They're either right or they're wrong. If you believe they're wrong, let them be wrong without you. 

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