Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What to tell the kids about Miley

Contrary to popular belief, the former Hannah Montana fans have not been traumatized by Twerk-gate, and have not turned on their hero, Miley Cyrus.

The character has changed of course, but as the young, out of control, rebel without a clue, she's ridden the wave of her own generation and is now more popular than ever. But her behavior is irresponsible and unsafe, right? Of course it is. So what do you tell youngsters when they see such behavior from celebrities?

Well, what you don't tell them is what kind of music they ought to listen to. That's a proven loser. What you can tell them is that Miley Cyrus has an army of body guards and lives in a fortress. She's an entertainer; an actress. If your average American girl were to behave that way at a party, or a bar, or the mall, or even YouTube, there's a good chance she'd wind up on a "Missing" flyer. You don't want to be that kind of famous.