Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are Republicans really going to make marijuana legalization an issue in 2014? They must be high!

If Chris Christie is running for president, I'd advise him to get some new advisors quick. The other day, for no apparent reason, he decided to piss off all of Colorado by saying that the quality of life here is sub-par, because marijuana is now legal here. I must say, being called sub-par compared to New Jersey is quite an insult.

Aside from that, nationwide only 16% of Americans believe marijuana should remain illegal. You need to run a nationwide campaign, genius. Even if you don't support the popular view on this one, why not just shut up about it?

Republicans are in a good position going into November 2014. The President's approval ratings are low. He wont help his party win any seats. Obamacare a.k.a. The Affordable Care Act, is as unpopular as ever and is the sole property of the Democrats. The economy is sluggish, to put it nicely and we don't seem to have a foreign policy. If the Republicans could put forth some positive replacement legislation for Obamacare as well as some pro-growth initiatives, like lower tax rates, a simplified tax system, less regulation, cutting out waste and overlap in government and things of that nature, they could win big.

However, it seems the move in many states to legalize marijuana for medicinal and for recreational use, has caused the party to lose its collective mind. The alleged champions of individual freedom just can't live with the idea that someone might be getting high in the comfort of their own home, without hiding in the garage to do it. Never mind that alcohol is infinitely more deadly and dangerous and that Americans are not up in arms over the new and flourishing marijuana industry. Many Republicans and right wing pundits have decided to forego economics and limited government issues in favor of an all out jihad against marijuana. Maybe they misunderstood. Marijuana use is legal here. It's not mandatory.

In any case, if the GOP decides to promise to crack down on pot smoking in the upcoming election, I can almost guarantee they'll be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Most people don't watch the daily soap opera that is political news every day. But even folks who don't partake of weed understand the implementation of government force when they see it. Promise to close down stores and throw people in jail over marijuana because you feel like people shouldn't use it and see how that works out for you. Put a picture of Chris Christie next to Tommy Chong in handcuffs and see how many people that endears you to.

I would love to see the country take a hard right, economically speaking, this Fall. But I fear reefer madness may result in at least 2 more years of the status quo.

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